Help Christopher NCHABILONDA to live his dream in Tanzania!

Making people happy!

Helping him - helping others.

personal Education

Christopher will educate himself, which will make him happy.

Passionate Teaching

He will know more to teach his children at school, which will make his students happy.

Ambitious Project

Christopher can stay in Kibwigwa and contribute his ideas to the Waterfilter project, which will make us and so many others happy.

Christopher's Story

"Learning and teaching is my passion"

The curiosity of a little child and the wisdom of an old man - Christopher Nchabilonda combines both seemingly contradicting characteristics with a wonderful open heart. I was lucky to meet him on our first journey down to Kibwigwa, Tanzania trying to implement our idea of a sustainable waterfilter system. We stayed at the Manus Dei boarding school, where Christopher is not only a english and civics teacher, but also a real father figure to the 60 students. Besides that, he is a really important part of our project seeing and solving upcoming problems.

On our last journey in September 2015, he told me about his longstanding dream of expanding his teaching knowledge to geography. He applied to The Open University of Tanzania 5 years ago already and got accepted. Only the inevitable burden of 1.800.000 TZS holds him back and stops him from realizing his dream. This sounds like a fortune and it is to a teacher in Tanzania. To us it is only 750€. If everyone of us would contribute just a little bit of their daily expenses to Christopher once, it would mean the world to him. Let’s help Christopher!

Here are some ideas, how you could help him:

  • € ≈ 2.500 TZS

    We spend 1 € on a cup of coffee in the morning.

  • € ≈ 25.000 TZS

    We spend 10 € on about 3 beers at a bar in just one night.

  • € ≈ 125.000 TZS

    We spend 50 € to have dinner at a nice restaurant.

  • € ≈ 250.000 TZS

    We spend 100 € on a new pair of shoes.

Who am I?

I'm Tim, co-founder of the Waterfilter Project and a good friend of Christopher.
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Tim Pfrogner

„Helping people gives you something back in return, what is hard to describe in words and is more than added value – some will call it happiness.“

What Others Say about christopher

All donation exceeding the appointed goal will be forwarded to my Waterfilter Project. Thank you so much for your support!

We have collected 431,36€ so far -only 40% to go!